D7.5 Report on eHealth at Home Installations

This deliverable concerns installation activities for the eHealth Use Cases of the Municipality of Pilea-Hortiatis (GR) Pilot Site. The installations consisted of three respective phases.

The Pre-installation phase included mainly the citizens recruiting activities and the selection and testing of equipment. MPH has identified elder and middle-aged citizens (use case end users) and recruited them with the help of health professionals.  GDPR rules and restrictions were fully met during the recruitment period. 

The installation phase included the actual hardware and software deployment. A number of medical devices and building sensors were deployed by the technical personnel. VICINITY components and Value-Added Services were also deployed on secure servers.

Finally, the post-installation phase, which will continue until the end of the project, requires continuous support and maintenance of hardware and software equipment; while the satisfaction of the end-users is crucial for their continued support of the project, thus much effort is being spent towards this end.

Overall, the installation at the MPH Pilot Site has been considered successful while the users become familiar with the use of eHealth technologies, which respects their data protection needs.