D6.2 Report on VICINITY test-bed deployment, including Validation, Parameterization and Testing

This deliverable and demonstrator (Annex) present the Lab testing and validation for each of the components, such as Adapters, Agent, Gateway API, that constitute the VICINITY framework, and for the user-cases defined in D5.2. It is an important part to reach Milestone 7 in the conduction of Lab testing and validation within Task T.6.2.

After the fundamental integration tests in D6.1, testing plans of D6.2 are developed in terms of Edge Case Testing Methodology which includes both edge case testing and internal point testing. Two important results have been achieved from the lab-testing: 

  1. VICINITY prototype performance when closing to the edges/limits has been tested and restricted by means of Edge Case Testing. Therefore, specify a stable operation zone for VICINITY platform.
  2. The internal point testing scenarios are mostly designed to be consistent with use-cases defined in WP5. They mainly focus on prototype functionality and performance, including cross-domain testing cases, in order to validate and improve VICINITY prototype functionality. 

This deliverable and demonstrator cover all individual modules that have been developed in WP3 - “VICINITY Server Implementation”, WP4 - “VICINITY Client Infrastructures Implementation”, and keep in line with WP5 – “Value-Added Services Implementation”. Core components functions, integration performance, features are tested and validated. Problems identified are timely reported and solved. The Lab testing results are forwarded to WP8 – “Pilot demonstration and Overall evaluation”. 

In addition, this deliverable addresses some of the feedback comments given by our reviewers: VICINITY and especially the academic partners should research the use of new technologies and their application and value for VICINITY. The Lab Testing of partner UNIKL will hence also go beyond what was written in the Description of Work and will evaluate Network Simulators for virtual Prototyping of VICINITY use cases and also homomorphic encryption to further enhance Privacy of the project’s solution.

The related Adapters and VASs are publicly available in VICINITY H2020 GitHub with configuration and installation documentation including source code.

In conclusion, the deliverable and demonstrator focus on iterative Lab testing and validation from VICINITY node to node communication to the real-time experimental platform and complex cross-domain testing scenarios.