D4.5 VICINITY Client Components Continuous Upgrades

This deliverable summarizes the outcomes of task T4.4 VICINITY Clients Operation and Continuous Upgrades of the VICINITY project (Grant Agreement No.: 688467), funded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD), under its Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (H2020). The deliverable D4.5 is a part of the WP4 VICINITY Client Infrastructures Implementation. This document is the second and final of two releases under task T4.4. First version of this deliverable was released in M36, the second release is delivered in M48.

From architectural point of view, D4.5 covers actual implementation status of VICINITY Client Infrastructure Components. The VICINITY Client Infrastructure Components consist of VICINITY Gateway Adapters (T4.1), VICINITY Agent and Auto-Discovery platform (T4.2) and VICINITY Security Services (T4.3).

The VICINITY Client Infrastructure Components were updated within VICINITY Project development and integration activities, mostly as part of integration in lab testing and evaluation of pilots as well as due to feedback received from e.g. the Open Call 1 and 2 Projects.

The VICINITY Gateway API has seen two new minor releases during the last reporting period, recently introducing Client-side authentication as well as validation in the Neighbourhood Manager, apart from on-the-fly bug fixes, which were implemented as direct response to reported issues.

The VICINITY Agent and Auto-Discovery platform and the VICINITY adapters ontology both received updates in the form of bug-fixes and implemented feature requests again in direct response to issues raised by external and consortium partners.

This deliverable is accompanying document to all living documentation held in their corresponding GitHub repositories. For each component, links to GitHub documentation will be provided.