D3.7 VICINITY core components continuous upgrades

The present document is the deliverable D3.7 “VICINITY core components continuous upgrades, final version” of the VICINITY project, funded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD), under its Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (H2020). The deliverable D3.7 is a part of the WP3 VICINITY server implementation. 

D3.7 presents the implementation status of the VICINITY Core components, which were defined in D1.6 VICINITY Architectural Design, as part of the VICINITY architecture. The VICINITY Core components consist of the VICINITY Neighbourhood Manager, the VICINITY Communication Server, the VICINITY Semantic discovery and dynamic configuration agent platform, the VICINITY Open Gateway API, the VICINITY Gateway API Services, and the Distributed Query Client including VICINITY Ontology (Figure 1).

Figure 1 VICINITY Core components

The VICINITY Core components provide interoperability as a service to IoT infrastructures and services connected through VICINITY Agent(s) and VICINITY Adapter(s). These core components enable to register, manage and discover devices and services in the platform, query values from devices based on semantic request and exchange data in P2P network. 

This deliverable contains the upgrades to the VICINITY Core components that happened during the evaluation phase of the project. All components received some update over this period of time, as it is described in more detail in section 2, and all these changes can be clustered in three groups:

  • New features, these are the completely new functionalities added;
  • Operations, these are the changes made to the infrastructure, documentation or code lifecycle management;
  • Updates, these are changes on existing features.

D3.7 is a continuation of D3.6 VICINITY core components continuous upgrades, first version, deliverable that was covering updates happening during framework integration and lab testing stages.