D8.5 Pilot results of eHealth at Home use-case

This deliverable is a report on the outcomes of Task 8.5, which plays an important role towards reaching Milestone 9 “Pilot demonstration and overall system evaluation”. The objective of this deliverable is to present the evaluation of the achieved outcomes of the of Pilea-Hortiatis pilot site, during the realization of the eHealth at Home Use Case. 

In this deliverable, the evaluation process followed in order to achieve the task’s results for the pilot site of Pilea-Hortiatis is presented. The four stages of the evaluation process include: (a) the definition of the evaluation parameters, (b) the design of the evaluation methods, (c) the collection of the evaluation evidence and (d) the review of collected data. This report is comprised by a Technical and a Business Evaluation. Technical evaluation, provides an evaluation with regards to the technical KPIs that were defined in D8.1 [1] and concern the e-Health Value-Added Services (VASs) usage, while the Business Evaluation focuses on the stakeholders and participants’ perception on the offered e-Health services and on the VICINITY Unique Selling Points (USPs), mainly in terms of privacy. The technical and business KPIs are measured in this document by developing proper algorithms and questionnaires which were distributed to the end-users of both use cases, the municipality personnel and the health professionals. Finally, the eHealth at Home pilot use case was evaluated towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations.

Objectives of this task were achieved through an iterative process during the realisation phase of the pilot site by receiving valuable feedback from stakeholders and participants. Therefore, the pilot site representatives managed to adapt to any particular needs and requirements in order to promote the benefits of VICINITY solution in the use cases. Positive feedback was received by the questionnaires regarding the offered e-health services and the privacy/security aspects from both end-users and stakeholders.