D7.4 Report on Intelligent Transport & Parking Installations

This deliverable is an important part to reach milestone 8 in work Package 7 – “On-site Deployment and Pilot Installations”.

The objective to this deliverable is to summarize the installation work of task 7.4 Pilot Area Installation. The achievements can be described related to the methodology used and defined in the three phases:  

  • Phase 1: Pre-Installation
  • Phase 2: Installation and 
  • Phase 3: Post Installation.

Focus have been on implementing and installing the different infrastructure and hardware needed to realize the two main use cases; “Shared parking” and “Emergency parking”. The Use Case consists of devices installed, infrastructure and Value-Added Services to be able to demonstrate VICINITY as a platform for IoT devices.

The pilot has experienced deviations due to lack of funding for proper development. A small deviation was also reported due to the parking sensors had to undergo a hardware upgrade. This has mainly affected the development of the mobile app. Some novel new ideas have been created as part of the pilot; most notably innovative ways of using smart appliances as early warning devices. All equipment has been acquired and installed at the pilot site as planned, and value-added services implemented and deployed at HITS server.

The stakeholders such as representatives from residents, carers/operators of the care service and Tromsø municipality were focused on confidentiality due to the sensitive nature of the social care centre. The pilot site has for that reason been careful about revealing too much info about privacy in the platform under development. The test has therefore been conducted in the social activity room where stakeholders are present 24/7.