D7.2 Report on Smart Energy Microgrid Neighbourhood Installations Martim Longo Pilot Site

In this deliverable we report the various activities carried out in the implementation of the Pilot Area Installation of the Smart Energy Microgrid Neighbourhood Pilot Site in Martim Longo, Alcoutim, Portugal, with three sets of use cases and related Value-Added Services (VAS): Municipal Energy Efficiency and IEQ Services, UV for Citizens and Distributed Energy Assets Management.

For each of the services we used different types of equipment and sensors that necessitated a prior analysis of the needs, what existed locally and the expectations of the various stakeholders for each of the services to be implemented.

Based on the requirements identified, diverse IoT enabled devices were installed in municipal buildings for monitoring of IEQ and energy usage. A specific UV index sensor was installed in the weather station to provide data for the UV for Citizens service. Solar Radiations sensors were installed in the weather station to provide data for the Distributed Energy Assets Management service.

The sensor devices installed and the VAS developed are fully integrated with the VICINITY platform, and comprise several equipment brands and types of sensor devices to demonstrate VICINITY as an interoperability enabler for IoT systems.

Iterative upgrades and updates will be ongoing until the project ends to ensure device operation and to adjust the implemented solution to meet stakeholders’ expectations and requirements.

There were no significant deviations from the planning done in WP5, considering the various phases of the project.

This deliverable was an important contribution to reaching MS 4 in the implementation of Work Package 7 within Task 7.2. The objective of the deliverable was to summarize the outcomes and results of the work on Task 7.2.

The goal of the deliverable was to install physical IoT devices (hardware), connect them to the VICINITY platform and implement VAS using the collected data.

The pilot project was split into three phases: 

  • Pre-installation Phase 
  • Installation phase 
  • Post-Installation phase