D9.5 Dissemination and Communication Plan (year 2)

This document introduces the VICINITY project dissemination and communication strategy (DACs) and its implementation plan to be used by the consortium to ensure the high visibility, accessibility and promotion of the project and its results during the grant period. The goal is also to create a solid foundation for the efficient exploitation of the project results after the end of the project. This DACs will be a reference framework for evaluating the impact of communication and dissemination activities and will be updated and adjusted as the project progresses.


To ensure maximal impact of dissemination and communication activities, VICINITY will focus on the interoperability scope and target audience. These specific activities will not only address the general public to raise awareness on the project and its achievements, but also target key stakeholders having a relevant role in the field of activities undertaken by the project.

Considering the technical nature of VICINITY, special attention must also be made to simplify the message, and be very clear about when, how and what should be communicated to who. The VICINITY DACs has therefore been structured in a way that should be readable and offer easy access to tools to implement in both internal and external communication. Various sections covering a wide area ranging from roadmaps, dissemination objectives and KPIs to stakeholders, methods, role assignment and prioritising.

More specifically, it focuses on:

  • Dissemination strategy, tools and channels
  • Communication charts, tools and activities
  • Design profiles, graphic and textual material
  • An unambiguous list with contacts and responsibilities
  • An annex with extensive lists and examples of dissemination material

This deliverable is considered to be a living document, as a number of lessons are expected to be learned during the lifecycle of the project. It will also rely heavily on and influence other deliverables.