D4.2 VICINITY Agent and Auto-Discovery platform

This deliverable summarizes the outcomes of task T4.2, “VICINITY Agent and Auto-Discovery Platform. The platform is part of the VICINITY client node. Main purpose of the VICINITY Agent and Auto-Discovery Platform is to easily integrate any infrastructure able to expose the IoT objects. All developments were finished in time.

The platform enables to:

  • ·         discover the IoT objects,
  • ·         to expose these objects to VICINITY in a semantically interoperable way

  • to interact with IoT objects in a unified way
  • to automatically (re)configure all mappings and interaction patterns for all discovered IoT objects

The functionality of dynamic auto-configuration consists of the client-side components described in this deliverable and the twin components at VICINITY cloud described in D3.5 Semantic discovery and dynamic configuration services. To understand the whole dynamic auto-configuration process, both the client and the cloud-side components must be checked. The client-side implements the full discovery and auto-configuration process. The cloud-side serves mostly as the storage and search engine for IoT objects. Both components were designed and implemented together.