D3.5 Semantic discovery and dynamic configuration services

This deliverable is an important part to reach the milestone VICINITY server components/services and client infrastructures available, which is the outcome of work packages WP3 - VICINITY server implementation and WP4 - VICINITY Client Infrastructures Implementation. This objective has been reached in time. This deliverable summarizes the outcomes of task T3.2, “Semantic discovery and dynamic configuration services”. 

Semantic discovery and dynamic configuration platform is the part of VICINITY cloud as shown in see Figure. The main purpose of semantic discovery and dynamic configuration platform is to enable the semantic interoperability in VICINITY. The platform serves as the main repository of IoT object descriptions. Descriptors are stored as semantic models, which are linked to the VICINITY ontology. The platform enables to perform the full semantic search for object descriptions, so existing objects providing required functionality can be easily discovered. IoT object descriptions are also used as the core information for auto configuration of agents, through which these objects are available for interaction.