D3.2 Web based VICINITY neighbourhood manager

The present document is the deliverable D3.2 “Web-based VICINITY Neighbourhood Manager” of the VICINITY project. The deliverable is a part of the WP3 VICINITY server implementation. 

Regarding the architecture of VICINITY, the Neighbourhood Manager is a component of the VICINITY cloud (Figure). It is a web-based user interface that provides the means to explore a universe of registered devices and integrated service to VICINITY Platform. It enables devices owners (IoT operators) to control access of value-added services to his/her registered devices. Device owners are provided to VICINITY Communication Server which controls P2P network of VICINITY Nodes (integrated IoT infrastructures and value-added services).

Thus, the Neighbourhood Manager provides the following principal functionality as required by D1.5 Technical requirements specification to fulfil VICINITY objective:

  •  Interoperability setup: Create partnerships with other users of VICINITY and establish the privacy rules for the components within my infrastructure.
  • Device register and discovery: Register smart things of my infrastructure into VICINITY and explore the platform looking for what other users have to offer.
  • Deploy value added service: Register a service and make it available to others in the platform.
  • Connecting VICINITY: Connect an infrastructure to VICINITY.

The Neighbourhood Manager is publicly accessible on http://vicinity.bavenir.eu. Its source code with installation and configuration guide is available on Github under the URL https://github.com/vicinityh2020/vicinity-neighbourhood-manager.