D3.1 High-available VICINITY server deployment

The present document is the deliverable D3.1 “High-available VICINITY server deployment” of the VICINITY project. Regarding the architecture of the VICINITY project, the VICINITY Communication Server is a  component of the VICINITY cloud (Figure 1). It handles the delivery of VICINITY control and user plain messages according to the authorisation rules of the VICINITY Neighbourhood database.

The messages are exchanged in the VICINITY P2P network of connected VICINITY Agents via the VICINITY Open Gateway API in a VICINITY Node (Figure 2). The key results are:

  • selection of the hybrid model of the P2P network;
  • selection of the XMPP communication protocol (RFC 6120) for P2P communication;
  • selection of the OpenFire as Java-based implementation of XMPP;
  • definition of the P2P network model using XMPP;
  • integration of VICINITY Neighbourhood Manger and VICINITY Open Gateway API;
  • deployment of VICINITY Communication Server in a high-availability platform;
  • development test of P2P using testing devices and value-added services.