D2.2 Detailed Specification of the Semantic Model

The present document is the deliverable “D2.2. - Detailed Specification of the Semantic Model” of the VICINITY project, funded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD), under its Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (H2020).

This deliverable gives an overview and documentation of the VICINITY ontology network as of August 2017. The document covers, among others, the following main topics:

1) Methodological guidelines and recommendable infrastructure to be used during the ontology development process.

2) The VICINITY ontology network is presented in this deliverable including the description of the modules identified as a need, and therefore developed, so far:

  • Core ontology: this module is developed in order to represent the information needed to exchange IoT descriptor data between peers through the VICINITY platform.
  • WoT ontology: this module aims at representing how and where things can be discovered or accessed in the Web of Things environment.
  • Wot Mappings ontology: this module has been developed within VICINITY in order to support the automatic data lifting process as described in “D3.3. Open Interoperability Gateway API, first version”-. Briefly, mappings explicitly define implicit semantics of structured data exchanged by peers in VICINITY. Moreover, the Mappings ontology supports the description of mappings for data that may come from external web things, and ultimately, Web resources made available through heterogeneous API endpoints.

3) Examples of use of the above-mentioned modules.

In addition, the document provides an overview of the main existing standard ontologies that cover similar aspects of the VICINITY ontology and includes some conclusions and future lines of work.