D1.4 Business Requirements Specification

This deliverable provides high-level business requirements specification resulting from Task 1.3 –Platform User and Business Requirement Definition including: 

  • High level domain related business requirements for IoT interoperability, ubiquitous applications, services and other smart objects based on results of deliverables of Tasks 1.1 - Elicitation of user requirements and barriers related to IoT interoperability and Tasks 1.2 - Pilot Sites Surveys and extraction of Use Case requirements; 
  • Set of common business requirements (such as usability, implementation, security, privacy, legal requirements). 

This document is prepared as a starting point for business audience to understand the basic concepts of the VICINITY solution. 

The IoT paradigm and standards landscape is large and complex, and while the technology is still evolving, the adaption of standards is still immature. Interoperability is a key element, and ensures cooperation between the different domains. It is in this context that VICINITY may bridge the gap between domains by placing the ontology outside the physical domain.