The INERTIA project - Integrating Active, Flexible and Responsive Tertiary Prosumers into a Smart Distribution Grid, has introduced the Internet of Things/Services principles to the Distribution Grid Control and DSM Operations. It has provided an overlay network for coordination and active grid control, running on top of the existing grid and consisting of distributed and autonomous intelligent Commercial Prosumer Hubs. This way, it has addressed the present “structural inertia” of DG by introducing more active elements combined with the necessary control and distributed coordination mechanisms. A multi-sensorial network has been installed allowing real-time monitoring and control of a variety of building’s assets (HVAC, Light, office & home appliances) within a spatio-temporal context, as deployed at ITI’s building in Thessaloniki, Greece, utilizing LinkSmart Middleware platform and custom ontologies created to address project’s needs.

Within INERTIA experience gained will assist in the definition of the VICINITY platform requirements along with the realisation with relevant Intelligent Building use-case, contributing to the definition of potential value add services based on experience gained.