The ELLIOT project - Experiential Living Lab for the Internet of Things, has developed an Internet of Things (IOT) experiential platform where users/citizens are directly involved in co-creating, exploring and experimenting new ideas, concepts and technological artefacts related to IOT applications and services. ELLIOT allowed studying the potential impact of IOT and the Future Internet in the context of the Open User Centred Innovation paradigm and of the Living Lab approach.

The expertise on co-creative design of user-centred IoT applications, gained by IS involved as a user partner in ELLIOT, will be employed in the design and development of the VICINITY client infrastructures. Moreover, semantic discovery mechanisms and related ontologies used in the Hydra/LinkSmart middleware, which was employed in ELLIOT as a core IoT enabler, will be reused for semantic discovery and dynamic reconfiguration of VICINITY registered IoT objects.