The ebbits project - Business-Based Internet of Things and Services, does research in architecture, technologies and processes, which allow businesses to semantically integrate the Internet of Things into mainstream enterprise systems and support interoperable end-to-end business applications. The ebbits platform provides an IoT system infrastructure that supports the device/service management, advanced semantic processing of generated events, service orchestration, business systems interface services, and (cloud based) APIs for development and run-time. IS has been involved in ebbits as a co-designer and software developer of most of these features. Thanks to the gained experience, IS will reuse and exploit the ebbits outcomes in VICINITY for the construction of semantic structures and discovery mechanisms for both server and client side. Namely, ebbits resource ontologies, already built as compliant with the IoT- A reference architecture, will be reused and extended towards the oneM2M standard.

The semantic discovery in VICINITY will be based on the semantic resolution and events handling used in ebbits; however, the vertical integration of IoT devices will be enhanced in VICINITY to enable the horizontal interoperability of networked IoT devices. In addition, the IoT system LinkSmart, provided as an open source outcome of ebbits, will be employed in VICINITY as one of guest IoT infrastructures.