Vicinity newsletter

9th VICINITY Newsletter

10 Sep 2019

Dear VICINITY partners & friends,

After the summer holidays we are approaching the final phase of the VICINITY project. This comes with some good news: our participation at IoT Week 2019 in Aarhus was a great success with two of the three hackathon winners being projects supported by VICINITY teams. The SPRINGER book on VICINITY is also growing although a lot more work is needed to complete it. The use cases are being evaluated and are being complemented with several adaptors beyond those from the Open Call winners.

8th VICINITY Newsletter

18 Apr 2019

Dear VICINITY partners & friends,

You get this newsletter in a moment where VICINITY has reached the most important milestones: we have successfully implemented the platform; and the deployment to the demo sites is mostly done. Based on this we have investigated a set of business and exploitation models, and defined our unique selling points. We have been reviewed with very good outcomes and advices by the reviewers (read the summary below!).

Special Edition Newsletter

17 Aug 2018

As you read this newsletter we have finished the selection of projects within our 1st open call. While it may sound easy, the 1st open call was, and still is, a challenge. We handled 45 submissions, together with 8 external evaluators who delivered 90 evaluations and 45 evaluation summary reports. This was particularly ambitious as several reviewers and members of our project management team were on holiday, so finding appropriate time slots for Skype meetings was at times difficult…

6th VICINITY Newsletter

10 Jul 2018

You now have the 6th VICINITY newsletter in your hands – or on your screen. The VICINITY cloud gateway implementation is now finished which means we have achieved a crucial milestone. The source code is published on GitHub and can be downloaded and used by a broad public. Together with our first open call, we are significantly increasing the visibility and impact of VICINITY.

4th VICINITY Newsletter

4 Jan 2018

We are proud to present the now already 4th newsletter on the VICINITY project. Why so many newsletters? Because actually, there is a lot of news. We had the successful review meeting in Brussels. We had the Demos of the VICINITY implementation in Brussels and in Athens. And: due to that we have a first running prototype. With many limitations, not really implementing every feature, but: it is there.

Special Edition VICINITY Newsletter

16 Nov 2017

First public demonstration

We are all very excited about being able to present these news; Friday, 1st of September represented a milestone for VICINITY2020. We did for the first time publically demonstrate that we have a working version of  nteroperability as a Service. Giant leaps always starts with small steps. 

One of the key elements of VICINITY is the ability to cross boundaries between devices, allowing them to share data regardless of physical location, brand or functionality. This is exactly what happened on this grey and rainy Friday.