Individual Statistical Analysis of data from wearables, medical devices, beacons Overview

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle on behalf of the Municipality that will result on the health improvement of its middle-aged citizens. Everyday routine tasks and medical data collected by relevant IoT devices consist the main scope of monitoring that will end up in a municipal-scale competition (“urban marathon”) to reward the health improvement achievements. The scenario involves authorized healthcare personnel (dietician) to interpret respective information. Algorithms used for the Urban Marathon were implemented based on the guidance provided by experienced medical staff (dietician) in order to produce the final urban marathon ranking system. Aspects considered were: (i) the gender and age of the citizens, (ii) target weight loss, (iii) daily steps and (iv) target visits to gym per week for each citizen. Points are awarded to citizens if they accomplish their goals or in proportion to their targets. Anonymized data are saved in order to calculate points for each citizen in database (MySQL) deployed on the MPH secure server, whereas specific personal data of the citizens are only stored and processed by the GDPR VAS.