SmartHotel VAS Overview

SmartHotel is a value-added service developed within BARTER VICINITY extension project which enables web-based hotel check in with optional reservation of parking spaces by leveraging VICINITY ecosystem, BARTER adapter and SmartGarage VAS. SmartHotel VAS is implemented in Python based on Django framework and offers service for web-based hotel check-in with optional parking reservation through the web application. Once reservation is made, SmartHotel service communicates with SmartGarage value added service to request a reservation and with BARTER adapter to initiate automated payment for the parking reservation based on the information provided by SmartGarage VAS. SmartHotel VAS is showcasing integration with BARTER framework and integration with VLF Smart Access Control solution for SAC enabled smart spaces. Main functionality of the SmartHotel VAS is web-based hotel check0-in with optional parking reservation.