SmartGarage VAS Overview

SmartGarage is a value-added service developed within BARTER VICINITY extension project which enables web-based reservation of parking spaces by leveraging VICINITY ecosystem, BARTER framework and VizLore Smart Access control solution.  SmartGarage VAS is implemented in Python based on Django framework and offers service for parking reservation through the web application or though VICINITY ecosystem as API based service. On the web application users are required to pay for the parking reservation via mobile wallets, while SmartGarage VAS provides payment info though the API when used via VICINITY Neighborhood Manager.  SmartGarage VAS utilizes SmartAccessControl service which turns your smart phone into a virtual key for any building/space. It is an IoT solution comprising cloud application, VizLore Access Controller and Smart Access Control mobile app for real time access right management, access logs and smart actuation.  Access codes are generated by residents who want to welcome guests into their apartments, company employees who are arranging a meeting with clients or building managers who are allowing maintenance crew to access common areas of the building. Building managers can utilize the system the same way as tenants and issue access codes for maintenance crews, delivery services etc. Building managers have access to the SAC management web portal through which they can manage access codes issued by tenants (revoke, delete, monitor), access detailed logs about code utilization and get insight into people flow throughout the building. SmartGarage VAS is showcasing integration with BARTER framework and onboarding of SAC enabled service to VICINITY ecosystem. Main functionalities:
  • Web based parking reservation
  • Parking reservation service APIs
  • Real time monitoring of door access logs
  • Smart Access service for management of virtual keys and mobile application for performing smart actuation (chosen physical door unlocking)