drEVen VAS Overview

drEVen, an Ubiwhere solution for decentralised Electrical Vehicle charging, has been co-created with Enercoutim, an H2020 Vicinity partner who has also contributed to the project with a pilot site in the form of a solar lab. Through this Open Call, Ubiwhere has created this Value Added Service as a gateway for entities such as Enercoutim to enter the eMobility market. drEVen provides the suite of tools needed by EV charging station owners and energy suppliers to be able to offer a complete EV charging solution, while abstracting all of the complexities associated with user management, charging sessions, settlements and billing processes. drEVen, being a decentralised solution, has been built using Ethereum and dedicated smart contracts - these smart contracts are the key component enabling trustless transactions between any unknown supplier of energy and charging station and the actual EV owner. The energy tariff is transparently stored on-chain and no one is able to tamper with such cost nor monetary transactions between the different peers.