Open Calls


Second Open Call

The primary aim of the VICINITY project is to provide interoperability to the owners of connected IoT infrastructures, and to enable value-added services. The project seeks to enable value-added services on top of the networked IoT infrastructure elements. To facilitate this, VICINITY utilises an automatic discovery process of IoT devices using the most adopted semantic descriptions.

 The virtual neighbourhood of interoperable IoT infrastructures enables the creation of a cross-domain environment to exploit and demonstrate the VICINITY value-added services in renewable energy, micro-trading solutions, AI-based services within health data analysis and the transport domain.

The VICINITY project invites proposers to extend the integration scope of VICINITY thanks to third party system integrators integrating IoT infrastructures beyond the capabilities of the consortium through open call proposals.

Financial support will be provided to individual SMEs, large companies, research institutes, and public authorities such as (city) communities, which are - established in an EU Member State or in an Associated Country which is qualified and is compliant with the rules of participation H2020.Only one entity per proposal will be admitted, so activities in co-operation with other organisations will not be considered eligible.

Existing partners (“beneficiaries”) of the VICINITY Consortium will not be eligible for this call. All entitled applicants will receive fair and equal treatment, whereas available information and infrastructures will be equally available to all.


To apply for funding, a proposal must

Create new specific value-added services based on the VICINITY platform or create new specific micro-services to enhance the VICINITY Platform. Both services and microservices are listed in the documents on the Call Material section. 

  •  Provide support for testing and system integration within the overall VICINITY framework.
  •  Co-operate with the VICINITY partners to demonstrate of the open call project’s results within the duration of the proposed project.
  •  Provide access to the new service to enable the VICINITY consortium to test and use the service.
  • The results should be demonstrated in the VICINITY General Assembly (Q2-2019); also, a video of the demonstration should be recorded.

The proposal must explain how the services supports existing use-cases, services, and/or business models in VICINITY, or new ones, and/or undertake co-creation activities.
 Information about the value-added provided by the project, the business model selected and the co-creation activities undertaken should be included in the interim and final report.