Open Call Evaluation

The final winners of the 1st VICINITY Open Call are listed bellow :

Thinkinside Srl , from Italy , through the INCANT Project.

 , from Germany , Supporting Safety and Heath Intelligence.

Pilot Things , from France , with Real Time EneRGy management.

, from Greece , through the SaMMY Project

Deadline for the 1st open call was June, 15th 2018. Within this deadline, 45 eligible proposals were submitted through the F6S platform, with applicants from 17 countries across Europe. The following figures give an overview of the origin countries within the EC and associated states, and of the wide range of domains addressed by the proposals.
We should thank all applicants for their interest and participation in our 1st Open Call!

The evaluation was completed on August 7th 2018 by 8 external evaluators. External experts supported us to evaluate the best applicants and the more impactful project proposals. We would like to thank the evaluators for their tremendous effort over the summer holidays.

Thank you all for your interest and your participation in our 1st Open Call and do not forget that our 2nd Open call is coming soon.

  Number of proposals per country: