Open Calls

VICINITY is looking for new partners!

VICINITY project will organise two separate Open Calls to allow external entities to participate in the developments of the project in order to extend the scalability of VICINITY use-case demonstrations on IoT interoperability and enabled VICINITY cross-domain value-added services. 

A total of € 500.000 is reserved as financial support for third parties through a well-defined open call procedure, with a maximum of € 60.000 available per each external entity that will qualify through the open calls procedure.

Schedule for the Open Calls

The two open calls are planned to be launched in 2018, as highlighted in the schema below.


1st Open Call - Third party IoT infrastructures 

To extend the integration scope of VICINITY, the project will call for third party system integrators and independent service providers to integrate preferably public IoT infrastructures under management of strategic industrial partner and involve into the existing and emerging IoT ecosystems. IoT infrastructures are expected to be selected for a duration of participation is 6 months.

2nd Open Call - Third party advanced value added services 

To extend the business and technology scope of the VICINITY value-added services beyond the capabilities of the consortia, the project will apply open calls for third party providers of advanced value-added services under management of strategic industrial partner ATOS. Independent value-added services are expected to be selected with a duration of participation of 6 months.

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We will keep you updated in order to inform potential stakeholders about the open call procedure, to answer specific questions and to inform about the VICINITY project approach and latest achievements that are considered relevant for potential stakeholders.


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Please take into account that this information is tentative and some changes can be expected in the final text of the call.